Two Minutes – Tops

It takes less than two minutes for a Bolivar firefighter to don all the gear necessary to enter the battle with fire.

Strategically placed in each crew member’s open locker are:

boots and bunker pantsBoots and bunker pants

Heavy bunker pants offer three layers of protection

  1. An abrasive layer
  2. A water barrier
  3. A thermal layer

bunker-coatBunker Coat and Vest

The heavy bunker coat also offers layers of protection. the ones with velcro fasteners are equipped with firefighters names.

The vest is removed for fire situations as it will melt.

fire-glovesFire Gloves

Depending on the situation to be encountered, there are also extrication gloves made of kevlar; and utility gloves, which might be used for cleaning hoses.


All gear has a shelf life of ten years, regardless of wear.

face mask, bag and hoodFace Mask, Hood & Bag

The hood is fire retardant

tankSelf-contained Breathing Apparatus

These tanks are kept in the trucks, where firefighters are able to buckle into them (like a seat belt) while on their way to a scene.

After a fire run, all gear must be cleaned. Coats, pants and gloves are put into a “gear washer,” while helmets, masks and tanks are cleaned by hand. Then everything is set up in a locker, ready for the next call.


One complete set of turnout gear, which includes pants, boots, coat, helmet and gloves costs $2,500. (as of 2014)